Kana London

Kana London was born fortuitously as a result of founder, Ana Kerin training in sculpture fine art. Eventually, Ana’s vision took shape and Kana became a fully developed project in London, 2012.

Sculpting and a strong affinity for working with clay led Ana to apply the principles of her art work - the tactile, hand built aesthetics, with traces of hands and fingerprints on the surface - into physical ceramics. 

Working with a unique mixture of clays and mixing their own glazes, Kana often turn their back on traditional practice of ceramics. Their approach to work is experimental and playful; inventing new recipes daily and never following procedure. Building her pieces by hand, as opposed to turning on the wheel further emphasises the individuality and character that each unique piece holds.

Kana's work can be found in restaurants worldwide and has become a favourite of food stylists and photographers gaining recognition in many publications. 

The Kana studio is located on the first floor and is open by appointment.